Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

The Galaxy A32 5G is a handsome phone. It has a plastic backplate and chassis, but it doesn’t look like the cheap budget phones of yesteryear. In the US, the phone has a glossy gray finish. Unfortunately, it quickly collected fingerprints and hairline scratches in testing.

The phone measures 6.5 by 3.0 by 0.4 inches and weighs 7 ounces. That’s a typical weight for a handset with a 6.5-inch display, but the Galaxy A32 5G’s slippery finish makes it more susceptible to accidental drops than models with textured backs. The phone slid out of my hands on a few occasions while I was testing it. Fortunately, its plastic body and Gorilla Glass 5 display withstood these fumbles.

The SIM/microSD slot is on the left side of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. (Photo: Steven Winkelman)

The front of the Galaxy A32 5G is dominated by a 6.5-inch LCD with a teardrop notch and slight bezels. The resolution clocks in at 1,600 by 720 pixels, for 270 pixels per inch. The display is bright and vivid, and you’ll be hard-pressed to notice any pixelation without close examination. That said, it doesn’t compare with the less-expensive OnePlus Nord N200 5G‘s 6.49-inch, 2,400-by-1,080-pixel 90Hz display.

Instead of the protruding camera module you see on most Samsung phones, the Galaxy A32 5G has three discrete sensor bumps vertically stacked in the upper left corner of the backplate. To their right is another sensor that’s flush with the phone, along with the flash. A Samsung logo and microscopic regulatory information are located on the bottom third of the backplate.

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